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BELL inspires the next generation of cyclists and supports them in discovering their personal limits. Born in a garage and powered by fat and a lot of willpower, BELL’s roots are in the culture of racing, motorcycling and cycling. Today, it doesn’t just make helmets, it creates opportunities for all cycling enthusiasts.

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BESV is an international company that produces high quality electric bikes with unique and stylish designs. BESV’s high-end electric bikes range from city and urban to trekking and E-MTB. In addition, the bikes feature advanced software technology that emphasizes innovation and quality.

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In 1975, Jim BLACKBURN, a cycling enthusiast, founded his company of the same name. From pumps and bottle cages to lighting and panniers, BLACKBURN offers reliable, durable, lightweight and innovative products for the bicycle.

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Cycling fan Michael Eidson wondered how best to approach the topic of hydration for a 100-mile race in the Wichita Mountains of Texas in the summer heat. He came up with the idea to develop the first hands-free hydration system that allowed him to hydrate while pedaling. This is the origin of the CAMELBAK brand which offers a wide range of hydration solutions.

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Capsuled is a brand devoted to our vision of providing contemporary and outstanding cycling gear. The concept of Capsuled is to create technically perfect products with minimalist aesthetics made from organic or recycled content. At Capsuled we strive to bring out collections that enable the best cycling experience for all levels of riders.

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CORIMA has been manufacturing high performance carbon wheels for road, track, time trial, fixie, handbike and sport wheelchair for over 30 years. Thanks to their in-house production, they control all the manufacturing processes: from design to final assembly and packaging. All wheels are molded and handcrafted, one by one, in the French workshop, with pre-impregnated carbon fiber.

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The lifestyle brand from the USA stands for “SPEED, STYLE & GOOD TIMES.” in the field of bike and leisure wear and is particularly at home in downhill, enduro and slopestyle.

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Ferodo® is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and the Aftermarket. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation.
Today, Ferodo® is synonymous with excellence and a continued commitment to developing braking solutions for the future, no matter whether you’re riding, driving or racing!

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FINISH LINE specializes in top products for cleaning, lubrication and care exclusively and consistently for the needs of the bike. No matter what weather or extreme conditions prevail, FINISH LINE offers the perfectly matching lubricants, oils and accessories for the bike.

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GIRO is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end equipment and focuses on bicycle helmets for racing, action sports and active lifestyles. No other brand combines design, function and lifestyle as well as GIRO. Whether on the bike or in the snow, at GIRO, style and performance always go hand in hand. GIRO is a living brand that thinks differently, redesigns, redefines and creates exceptional products.

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You’ve got the bike. They’ve got the accessories. Combining innovation, style and safety, their award-winning cycling accessories have been created to stand up to the demands of real-world riding conditions. Since 2012, they’ve made it their mission to make cycling safer, more accessible and more fun whether you’re 5 or 75.

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K-EDGE is the leading manufacturer of computers, chain stays, light mounts & cameras, offering quality, precision and performance from a block of aluminum. K-EDGE was born in 2009 from the need to design an effective anti-skid system and continues to develop Pro Tour level products to solve modern cycling challenges.

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Komperdell, a benchmark brand in the world of cycling, offers a range of products and protection such as cycling gloves and elbow pads for safe cycling. Whether you’re a mountain biker or a passionate long-distance cyclist, Komperdell offers reliable, high-performance equipment to help you live your passion for cycling to the full.

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Whether it’s frames, pedals or equipment for professional or amateur athletes, LOOK’s innovative technologies and products provide exceptional emotions. LOOK first made a name for itself with two major innovations that still set the standard in cycling today thanks to the quality of their products, their expertise and their attention to detail: the carbon fiber frame bike and the click pedal.

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LUMOS develops and manufactures helmets for smart commuters, urban explorers, creative city dwellers and pragmatic cyclists. LUMOS bicycle helmets impress with their multiple LED lights and flashers. Accessories such as the Lite Remote also ensure greater safety on the road.

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The Italian company was founded in the 1980s in Montebelluna, a region known throughout Europe for its shoe manufacturing. The NORTHWAVE brand quickly became popular in the cycling world, thanks to the design, innovation and performance of its products.

Since then, the company has grown and now boasts head-to-toe apparel for cyclists. NORTHWAVE footwear, apparel and accessories are Italian design excellence and are tested by the world’s best cyclists. Thanks to its continuous research and the introduction of innovative material solutions, the NORTHWAVE brand is synonymous with superior quality and a complete range of products.

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Whether on a racing bike, mountain bike, gravel, trekking, city or cross bike, or even for E-MTB use: PIRELLI has the optimal tires for every purpose. Thanks to decades of experience and advanced technologies, PIRELLI bike tires are at the forefront of design, quality, material mix, performance and durability.

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Since 1988, PROFILE DESIGN has been a leader in innovation and development of cycling components designed for speed. Cyclists appreciate PROFILE DESIGN’s compelling, detail-oriented products designed for superior handling, aerodynamics, adjustability and fit.

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SPORTOURER is a manufacturer of bicycle saddles with tradition and a lot of experience. The saddle collection has been adapted for individual needs and consists of 3 lines: Sport, City and Trekking. Each of these lines has been developed with individual shapes and degrees of padding.

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From the drawer cabinet to the rollboy, from the workbench to the assembly area, from the computer cabinet to the NC systems, Thur Metall provides complete workplaces for workshops and companies. Continuous quality control and a team of motivated employees guarantee the longevity of the products in a neat and timeless design with an impressive price-performance ratio. Stability, robustness and functional construction are the result of decades of experience and innovation.

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Our aim is to offer the cyclist the greatest possible safetyand security. The TRELOCK team is committed to the tradi­tion of the brand and takes innovation in bicycle locks and lighting very seriously – for the benefit of all cyclists. The TRELOCK company stands for trust, technical competence and fascinating products with reliable functions and tested quality.

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White Lightning was founded with the purpose of addressing the challenges caused by dirt, grease, and grime build-up on bicycle chains. Their revolutionary product, Clean Ride™, became the world-renowned original White Lightning chain lube, known for its self-cleaning properties, repelling dirt and grime while cycling and holding four patents. As the brand representing “Clean Riding,” White Lightning expanded its product range, offering lubricants like Epic Ride™ and Wet Ride™, outperforming competitors in cleanliness and performance. Additionally, White Lightning introduced Performance Accessories, including the innovative Johnny™ product line, ensuring safe and clean storage and transportation of bicycles and accessories. Despite achieving significant success and popularity globally, White Lightning remains a dedicated and passionate company, committed to producing innovative products of the highest standards, inviting cyclists to experience their impressive range on their next ride

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