ACTION SPORTS & FERODO looking in the same direction

For over 125 years, FERODO has been synonymous with excellence in the automotive segment. The premium brand is characterised by its continuous and innovative commitment. The pioneering work in research and development, the engineering art and many years of experience are now being transferred to the bicycle and e-bike segment. With FERODO, we now offer you a product portfolio consisting of brake discs, brake pads and brake fluid.

We at ACTION SPORTS are proud distributors of the premium brand FERODO and make the products available to you on the market.

Our new bike and e-bike range is a natural extension of FERODO's brake expertise in the motorbike category. The main focus of our engineers is to provide riders with safety so they can concentrate on being as fast as possible, says Sergio Bonfanti, Managing Director of FERODO Racing.

The new FERODO range for bicycles and e-bikes includes:

FERODO Mid-Metallic Brake Pads

developed for universal use

FERODO e-bike centre metal brake pads


with an advanced friction compound designed for peak performance and excellent pad and disc life for all types of e-bike riding

FERODO brak discs


made of high-carbon steel are available for all pad types. Available in centre-lock and one-piece versions.

FERODO DOT5.1 and Racing Brake Fluids

First-class brake fluid recommended for racing use with exceptionally high wet and dry boiling points

The history of the brand

Founded by Herbert Frood in 1897.

It was the first company in the world completely dedicated to the design and production of friction materials especially for brakes.

From that moment the era of industrial friction materials began in Chapel-en le Frith, on the suborbs of Manchester, England, the self-taught technician.
Herbert Frood founded the Herbert Frood Company and began experimenting with braking methods for motor vehicles based on sliding friction.

The name of the company comes from the anagram, with the addition of an « e », of the surname of its founder.

At the time, braking systems were made with shoes operated by levers or cranks that tightened wooden logs on the wheels causing a slowdown of the vehicle, but the disadvantages of the method were obvious: the wear of the wheel material, as well as the low braking capacity of the wood logs, among other things excessively sensitive to weather conditions.

Ferodo® is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and the Aftermarket. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation.
Today, Ferodo® is synonymous with excellence and a continued commitment to developing braking solutions for the future, no matter whether you’re riding, driving or racing!

FERODO Racing & Motorcycle division is specialized in the production of braking parts for racing, high-performance road cars, motorcycles and now in the bicycles.
Innovative friction materials are continually developed by the company’s specialists at its Mondovì base (Italy) where a prototype and pilot production plant can be found along with 6 dynamometers for product validation and refinement.
All Ferodo brake pads are manufactured to the highest international ISO quality standards and are engineered to perform with a relatively constant coefficient of friction across a wide range of temperatures, pressures and vehicle speeds, optimizing both pad and disc life.
The Ferodo bicyle brake pad range is complemented with brake discs and brake fluids.


Which product categories does Ferodo have?

  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs
  • Brake fluids

Unique Selling Proposition FERODO?

  • Engineered from the lab to the racetrack.
  • Outstanding product performance and durability through data-driven development
  • Leading OE (automotive) manufacturer of brake pads with ISO certification in Spain
  • Developed specifically for the requirements of bicycles.
  • Certified brake pads according to ECE-R90 standard
  • Intelligent packaging design with less plastic

Brake discs Product info

  • Compatible with all brake pad types
  • Centerlock made of anodised aluminium to keep weight to a minimum.
  • Brake disc is made of AISI420 high carbon steel for performance and durability.
  • Hardened throughout the thickness of the material to ensure a surface hardness of HRC35 during its lifetime.
  • 6-hole and Centerlock available


  • Braking band design balances performance, modulation capability and weight
  • Engineered to expel dirt which keeps the pad contact area clean in muddy conditions.
  • This means a more consistent braking efficiency across all conditions.
  • Air flow maximized to increase cooling and reduce the pad and disc operating temperatures.


  • Suitable for UCI competitions
  • Air flow maximized to increase cooling and reduce the pad and disc operating temperatures.

Brake fluid Product info

Often overlooked: Brake fluid is a critical component of the braking system. If neglected, it can lead to brake failure.

  • Composition to protect against brake failure.
  • A range of quality brake fluids for all types of DOT brakes
  • High boiling point to handle even the toughest descents with no problems
  • FERODO brake fluids are the ideal complement to other FERODO brake products.



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